Band of Drones

Turn based squad tactics with character development

Overview - What is Band of Drones?

Band of Drones is a PC strategy game. It keeps the basic mechanics of traditional turn based squad tactics gameplay and goes beyond it with character and weapons development.

You and your enemy take turns in playing, like in a chess game. You control a squad of drones (each with their own class skills and special powers) and must devise a strategy to complete the mission at hand. On your turn, you choose which actions your units will do.

Gameplay is based on strategic use of action points. Each action like moving or firing costs a certain number of action points (or AP for short), so you need to chose your actions carefully. APs are replinished for your next turn, when you end your current one.

When you complete a mission you receive credits, which you can use to purchase new weapons and upgrades for your drones.

You can modify the game, creating your own drones and weapons.

Join the fight for the underground riches of planet Crixius! The Zentris have already placed their drones around several locations, you need to infiltrate their outposts and kick them out of there!


  • Manage a squad of 12 drones, each with their own set of class specifications and powers
  • Evolve your drones along your campaign, upgrading to their powers and weapon handling capabilities
  • Select a squad of 6 drones before each battle
  • Drones gain experience points for upgrades, according to their performance in battle
  • Purchase new weapons and upgrade the ones you have, from a selection of cannons, missile launchers and laser guns
  • Purchase mods for your weapons to improve their performance
  • Different mission goals such as Purge and Withdraw, Assassination, Object Recovery, Destroy Structure, Protect Structure
  • Play in skirmish or story based campaigns over 4 scenarios
  • Modding support: easily create your own drones, weapons and environments